Rindinnikfindindiddles' Outlaw Star Tv Review

Rated: 9

The presentasion was awesome. It is perhaps the most well rounded anime ever and offers something for everyone- action, humor, and sex appeal (I wont lie). This series should have been countinued as planned, but a poor OAV was made and hasn't been heard from since. But overall this anime was awesome and should be seen by anyone who enjoys any kind of action, or anyone who wants to see what motivates some people to become addicted to ainime is like. This was a very fun series and is a shame that few will be able to see something quite like this agian. I was acctually wondering if there was a continuation, but rumors and little else are all that I have heard.

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Rindinnikfindindiddles' Tenchi Muyo Ova Review

Rated: 10

First of this show is very very hot. There, you made me say it, this show is sexy (okay I'm done with that no more detail, it is self explanatory... please!). Next it is hilarious, the constant character controversies spice up the series constantly, and is rather entertiaining on its own. The story was direct, but the plot was not (or am I confusing myself oh well) it was rather evasive and allowed for a nice veiwing experience as well as the initiative not to give the entire story away and make a repetive show (as I have seen on some of today's anime Aaach*naruto*ooo excuse me).

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